Sag Harbor Advisors ( “SHA”) is a boutique Investment banking company founded by James M Sanford, CFA, a 21 year veteran of Wall Street. From 2013 until the Spring of 2017, SHA operated as an RIA ( Registered Investment Advisory ) firm focused on managing portfolios for high net worth individuals in long/short equity and fixed income strategies.

In 2017, SHA shifted to focus on two main business lines: 1.) a movement away from managing portfolios of liquid securities, and towards capital raising for alternative investments, primarily in the alternative illiquid Fixed Income/Direct Lending space.

2.) Advisory and arrangement of illiquid private market finance focused on a.) Commercial Real Estate (CRE) bridge lending originated by debt funds, CMBS and CLO entities, as well as traditional bank financing, and b.) private direct business lending to private companies with established EBITDA.

From 1993-2012, James Sanford worked on the institutional trading desks of JP Morgan(1993-1999), Credit Suisse (1999-2010), and the boutique Gleacher Broadpoint (2010-2012) as a sales trader covering primarily hedge funds in the Convertible Arbitrage, Credit relative value, Capital Structure Arb, Special Situation, and Multistrategy arenas. His specialist product breadth includes convertible bonds, equity derivatives and volatility products, credit derivatives, structured credit, CMBS and ABS derivative indices, as well as corporate, high yield and distressed bonds. His experience has covered multiple cycles, including the 1991-92 housing/ S&L crisis, the 1995 Latam currency crisis, the 1998 Long term Capital unwind along with the Russia/Asia sovereign debt crisis, the 2001-03 internet revaluation, 9/11 attack and the corresponding bankruptcy wave including Enron, Worldcom, etc… and lastly, the 2008 global credit crisis.