Background of James M Sanford

James had been serving institutional hedge fund clients in a variety of products, ranging from equity derivatives, equities, convertible bonds, high yield and corporate bonds, credit derivatives, and asset backed derivatives. James spent 11 years working for Credit Suisse from 1999-2010, and 5 years at JP Morgan prior to that.

Very few if any Financial Planners or Advisors have such a deep institutional background, which requires vast knowledge of macroeconomic variables and fixed income products, as well as a constant search for money making ideas. Other FPs and Advisors focus on selling and marketing tactics. Their skillset revolves around how to harvest assets from their friends and family network, build that network, and run it through the fee machine their firm creates for them. Sag Harbor Advisors offers clients rare access to deep Wall Street expertise, not a full commission Financial Planner whose sole purpose is to maximize fees.