Fee Structure

1.) Clients with $3,000,000 or more under management may choose or pure performance fee option in addition to the fee options outlined below: 20% of the return and nothing else. No “wrap” fees or base asset management fees. Fees are collected based on trailing 6 months returns, on June and January 1st of the year. If returns are 5%, then fees are 1%. If 10%, then 2%. If 20%, then 4%. **

No fees if returns are not at least 3% annualized or 1.5% each 6 month fee calculation period . All fees are waived if performance is under 3%

2.) Clients with $1,000,000- $3,000,000 under management are offered a .5% management fee and performance fees of 12.5% , or the straight asset management fee outlined in 3.), at their choice.  Performance portion of fee only paid if returns are greater than 3% annualized or 1.5% each 6 month fee calculation period.

3.) Clients with $250,000- $1,000,000 under management: Asset management or “wrap” fee of .8 -1.00% based on assets.


Sag Harbor Advisors will NOT accept third party sales commissions from mutual funds or broker kickbacks or any other form of payment as part of managing your portfolio.


**Performance fees are available to investors with a minimum net worth of $2,000,000 as per SEC regulations.